Q.Who is the developer?

A.The Catalpa Community developer is Septer Investments Ord Rd. Ltd., an affiliate of Cooper Companies; owned by the Cooper family of Kamloops, B.C.

Q. Who will be donating $10,000 to SRD K9s of BC from Catalpa Community?

A. The Cooper Family will donate $10,000 from the sale of every home to the Cooper Family Foundation, who will then donate the $10,000 to the non-profit organization to build a new 12,380 sq. ft. facility. 

Q.Does every home owner win a Surprise Bonus Gift?

A. Yes, every home owner will win a Surprise Bonus Gift.  

Q. Can the Surprise Bonus Gifts donated by a local business be exchanged?

A. No, unless specifically stated otherwise on the placard on the day of opening. 

Q. How is Catalpa Community going to raise $1 Million for SRD K9s of BC?

A. 1 house = $10,000 Cooper Family donation, 73 houses = $730,000 Cooper Family donation 

Surprise Bonus Gifts Average Value $3500 x 73 houses = $255,500

Cooper Family will match the Surprise Bonus Gift values and donate those funds too. 

Minimum dollars raised from Catalpa Community is:  $730,000 + $255,500 = $985,500  

Q. Who is the Cooper Family?

The Cooper Family settled in Kamloops in 1967. Their chain of Cooper Grocery Stores were embraced by the people of Kamloops. The Family has continued to be blessed through residential and commercial development for well over 45 years. They thank the Kamloops people and are grateful to be able to pay it forward.

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Q. What is the Cooper Family Foundation doing?

Q. How is the Cooper Family Foundation helping?

Q. Are there any other Cooper Family Foundation initiatives?

 A. Yes, they completed the $1.4M Wings Above Kamloops Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Hospice expansion project April 26th, 2019. 

Q. Do I have the right to cancel the Purchase Agreement?

A. Yes, you have the right to rescind the purchase and sale agreement within 7 days after it is accepted by the developer.   This will provide you with time to consult with a lawyer if you choose to. 

Q. When I decide to purchase how much of a deposit will be required?

A. A deposit of 10% of the purchase price is due following waiver or satisfaction of all the buyer’s conditions.   Additional deposits for plan changes and upgrades may also apply. 

Q. Can I enter into a conditional Purchase Agreement?

A. Yes. Our purchase and sale agreement provides for a 7day rescission period, during which you can review all of our documents and consult with a lawyer.  If you are not 100% satisfied with the Agreement and related documents you may cancel the Agreement. If you would like to sell your home, or arrange for financing, before entering into a binding purchase and sale agreement, the developer may consider a purchase and sale agreement that is subject to these items being completed to your satisfaction. Check with sales staff for details. 

Q.Is GST payable on the purchase price?

A. Yes, your home purchase will be subject to GST. 

Q. Does everyone pay the same proportion of the common area (strata) expenses?

A. Yes.

Q. Who do I insure my home with?

A. You can insure your home with any local insurance broker.

Q. What appliances are included in the price?

A. Home owners will be responsible for purchasing the appliances for their new home. The developer has preferred pricing for its buyers through a local retailer – details will be provided on execution of the purchase and sale agreement.

Q. How large is Catalpa Community?

A. Catalpa Community is a seventy-three (73) bareland strata covering over nine (9) acres.

Q. Is there overflow parking available?

A. Yes, there are parking spaces set aside for visitors. 

Q.Who provides water to the development?

A. The City of Kamloops provides potable water to the development.

Q.Who provides sewer services to the development?

A. Sewage is discharged to the City of Kamloops waste water treatment facilities.

Q.Who provides electricity to the development?

A. BC Hydro & Power Authority.

Q. Who provides natural gas to the development?

A. Fortis BC Energy Inc. 

Q. Who will provide telephone, cable and internet to the site?

A. TELUS is installing a fiber optic cable to each unit.  Shaw also provides telephone, cable and internet services.

Q. Who maintains the landscaping?

A. These are maintained by the Strata Corporation, even on your private lot. The cost for this is included in the common costs.  No lawns to mow or shrubs to trim!

Q. Is underground irrigation included with the home?

A. Yes, underground irrigation will be installed in the landscaped areas of each strata lot, and on landscaped common areas within the development.

Q. Is the homeowner responsible for the maintenance and repair of the underground irrigation system?

A. No, the strata corporation will maintain and repair the underground irrigation, however, if a homeowner is responsible for damage caused by them, the strata corporation will repair the irrigation, but will collect the cost of repair from the homeowner.

Q. Who is responsible for the maintenance of my home?

A. The homeowner is responsible for the interior and exterior maintenance of their home. Landscape maintenance is provided by the Strata Corporation, the cost of which is included in your common area costs.

Q. Who do I pay my Property Taxes to?

A. City of Kamloops

Q. Who provides Police and Ambulance services?

A. These are provided by provincial or federal agencies just as in other areas of the province.

Q. Are owners permitted to have pets within the development?

A. Yes, in accordance with the Additional Bylaws.

Q. Are owners permitted to rent out their unit?

A. Rentals are not permitted, except as permitted by Part 8 Section 142 and 144 of the Strata Property Act.

Q. Where can I park my vehicle?

A. Each strata lot owner will have two (2) dedicated parking spots.

Q. What type of warranty is the developer providing on the homes?

A. The developer is providing a 2/5/10 year home warranty through Travelers Insurance Company of Canada.  If you have more detailed questions, you may speak to the developer directly.

Q. What is the exterior cladding of our home?

A. A combination of acrylic stucco and hardiplank.

Q. What type of shingles are used for the roof?

A. 40-year laminated asphalt shingles.

Q. Where can I get details on the construction of my home?

A. There is general information posted on the website under DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS tab. If you have more detailed questions you may speak to the developer directly.

Q. How long will it take for my home to be completed?

A. Your home will be complete in five (5) to six (6) months from the date of execution of the purchase and sale agreement, and payment of the ten percent (10%) deposit. At any given time, there may be unsold homes at various stages of construction which may be available for more immediate possession.